Sunday, February 26, 2006

March 12-19 Independent Black Film Festival

The 2006 Independent Black Film Festival will once again bring together great talent from Technology, Music, Films and Video Games for a week of educational panels, cultural events, film screenings, and industry networking. With its unique combination of diversity and entertainment, Atlanta is poised to be the epicenter for this collision of Arts and Sciences. Some highlights from this year are:
  • The Oscar nominated Tsotsi from South Africa
  • The Youth Film Challenge: Youth 13 to 18 have seven days to write,shoot and edit a short.
  • Everybody is a Star event hosted by HOT 107.9's Rashan Ali
  • Screenwriter's and Filmmaker's Toolkits
  • Think Tank - Redefining Cinematic Images and Cultural Identity in the Arts and Media
For more information and a complete list of events and screenings visit the IBFF website: Independent Black Film Festival

Don Knotts 1924-2006

From Andy Griffith to Scooby Doo to The Incredible Mr. Limpet, Don Knotts will be missed.
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Friday, February 24, 2006

Hwy 5 day two tonight (and more reviews!)

Just a reminder that the second night of screenings for the Hwy 5 Film Festival will be held tonight at midnight! El Cine Mireles 3378 Canton Road Marietta, GA 30066 678-290-4126 FREE ADMISSION! Check out these films: Performance Anxiety Just Asking for It Boxed In Lovely Rita The Idiot Boxer Trust Beam Why Did I Take a Night Class Episcopaliens Platelets: Lepidopteraphage Yesterdays/9 To 5 Also, on a totally unrelated we have four new reviews in our national release section. Get the scoop on The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada, Why We Fight and more films playing in the ATL.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

ASIFA and SCAD's Roll Yer Own 2006

Disclaimer: I know that White Space in the corner is both distracting and bad design. But, I'm in a hurry to get to my freakin' day job. For those who aren't in the know ASIFA - Atlanta chapter of the International Animated Film Society is back up and running as of '05 (bottom right picture is of ASIFA's current board). Last night they had a free Animation screening at the Red Chair. They showed local stuff and a few pieces by students done from SCAD. Jo Davidovich (bottom left) screened her award-winning short "Juxtaposer." And Joel Trussell (top left) an animator from Knoxville screened his video "War Photographer." The local talent on display was incredible and there were a few works that I hope make it into the Atlanta Film Festival this year--there's an animation Slam on March 6th at the Earl that's being sponsored by IMAGE and ASIFA. I want to go more in depth about all these guys, but unfortunately as I've said I'm already an hour late getting to the day job...however, these guy's websites can fill you in better than I can... ASIFA Jo Davidovich Joel Trussell

Twinhead Theatre, Two Elvises and the Atlanta Rollergirls

I didn't stay long for this event this past Sunday. But, let's just say I wanted to give a shoutout to Twinhead Theatre for supporting this Bingo with the Elvises event at Loca Luna. They were helping the Atlanta Rollergirls raise money to ship the girls West to do some feminine ass-whooping at the 2006 Dust Devil in Tuscon, Arizona. If you haven't, check out the Atlanta Rollergirls and Twinhead Theatre (who has one of the coolest missions statements of any artistic group working in the A right now). And if you want to know more about the Dust Devil you can find the info on the Atlanta Rollergirls site. Twinhead Theatre Atlanta Rollergirls

cinemATL's Industry Night: Where Were You?

Did you miss cinemATL's first industry night? What was your excuse? If I may be so bold, that sounds lame. What did you miss? Folks from the Last Adam production like producer Shandra McDonald and director Ed Banuels. Mingling with the Atlanta Film Festival's new director Jake Jacobson. Hanging with local film collectives like Sasquatch-B and local producers like Archie Johnson III of The Fruit of the Spirit Production.
You'll be there next time right? Damn right you'll be there.

HWY 5 Film Festival Night 1: This Time It Got Personal!

For those of you who didn't come to the HWY 5 Film Festival Night 1 I thought I'd give you taste of the fun we had. Of course, a creative angle combined with a serendiptious push of a button and suddenly fun becomes a very subjective photo that makes my now 15 year long crush on Nia Long seem like a very weak cover story (all I need now is to say I took my cousin to my senior prom and to repeat the story that my-never-seen-out-of-town-girlfriend can't move because of her job and the cycle is complete). So who is this dude? He's one of those Sasquatch-B cats helping me prove that with the right combination of tax incentives and grit, we could've convinced Ang Lee to shoot Brokeback Mountain here. (Or at least giving Mr. Lee's Hulk a raging good know, my Mama's going to read this eventually, I really should rethink this stuff). But, let's be honest, if Brokeback wins best picture, where better to throw a dope After Party then the home of IMAGE's Out on Film, Atlanta Pride Celebration AND Elton John. Okay, back on track. If you didn't come out for night 1, remember part 2 of the HWY 5 Film Festival is this Friday at Midnight at El Cine Mireles. So if you can, make time and show both HWY 5 and El Cine Mireles some love and support. Shorts to be screened: Performance Anxiety, Just Asking for It, Boxed In, Lovely Rita, The Idiot Boxer, Trust Beam, Why Did I Take a Night Class, Episcopaliens, Platelets: Lepidopteraphage, Yesterdays /9 To 5

Monday, February 20, 2006

IMAGE Monthly Screening

checkout for more info about IMAGE SPECIAL SCREENING: EYES WIDE SHUT Dir. Stanley Kubrick, 35mm, 159 minutes

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 2006, 8:00PM Randolph R. Rich Theatre 1280 Peachtree Street Atlanta, Georgia 30309 FREE SCREENING!

Co-sponsored by Georgia State University.

In this controversial film, a New York City doctor, who is married to an art curator, pushes himself on a harrowing and dangerous night-long odyssey of sexual and moral discovery after his wife admits that she once almost cheated on him. This special film screening and talk back is in collaboration with Georgia State University’s art exhibition, Potentially Harmful: The Art of American Censorship”. The exhibit will be open January 16- March 10, 2006 in the Ernest G. Welch School of Art & Design Gallery. Matthew Bernstein will be moderating an after-film screening discussion to discuss the censorship controversy regarding this particular film.

learn more about screenings >>>

Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Honest Hustle

CinemATL held its first industry night last night at the Royal. Was it a success? In sheer numbers it was and thanks to Dan Slemons's camera we've got the proof. And there was a palpable vibe that was so infectious I was jonesing all the way home. As I drove home, I thought about the talks I had with various directors, actors and writers. There was the oft repeated discussion about Atlanta's elevation to the next level. How do we get there? How do we sustain it? How do we attract the money? Well, here's my 14 point answer:
  1. Let's not bullsh*t the money into thinking return on investment will rival Hollywood's in a matter of months.
  2. Let's not bullsh*t people into thinking Atlanta is Hollywood-lite.
  3. Let's not bullsh*t ourselves into thinking that Atlanta should pattern itself as a Little New York or a Little L.A.
  4. Let's not bullsh*t ourselves and sell the lie that Atlanta is only a Black city.
  5. Let's not bullsh*t ourselves into thinking that nobody wants stories about the real faces of Atlanta.
  6. Let's not bullsh*t ourselves into thinking we need to mimic the stories of other cities.
  7. Let's not bullsh*t ourselves about what works and what doesn't work.
  8. Let's not bullsh*t about the pains of the past.
  9. Let's not bullsh*t about the hardwork that lies ahead in our future.
  10. Let's not bullsh*t ourselves or others into thinking we can do things we cannot.
  11. Let's not bullsh*t ourselves or others into thinking there are things we can't do--things we won't do.
  12. Let's not bullsh*t about how damn f*cking great this city is.
  13. Let's not bullsh*t about being proud
  14. Let's not bullsh*t.
The next few years are going to be critical. Listening to those who've been in the game for years, we've already blown our opportunity once before. Now that we've got a second chance at not only bringing work here to the Atl, but to make the Atl a power center, we have to be diligent and dedicated. Because if we drop the ball this time, I can almost guarantee you, the Atl isn't going to get a third go at taking the reins.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

FREE MOVIES! Thought that would get your damn attention, now read: Friday Feb. 17th and Friday Feb. 24th at Midnight El Cine Mireles
3378 Canton Road Marietta, GA 30066 678-290-4126
Come check out these locally produced shorts: Stealing Babette Judgement Guest Check No More The Bargain Postal Prequel Apology Syndrome Cold Cuts A Tale of the Ragged Mountains Boxed In Lovely Rita The Idiot Boxer Why Did I Take a Night Class Episcopaliens Trust Beam Untitled Plastic Shark Project Platelets: Lepidopteraphage Just Asking for It Performance Anxiety 20 Shorts, 2 Nights, 1 Theater, No Admission (That's right mofos and mofettes...FREE! How many times do I have type that sh*t before you get it?)

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Campus MovieNite

Don't know much about this event, but it looks pretty cool. Here's the press release:
Campus MovieNite - Atlanta 2006 Great short movies, music, and prizes. Thursday, February 16, 7:30 p.m. Atlanta Symphony Hall, 1280 Peachtree Street, NE Campus MovieNite offers an unforgettable red carpet celebration at Atlanta Symphony Hall featuring the best short movies and music from throughout the state, along with door prizes including an Apple computer, Delta plane tickets, and iPods. Join us for the best of Campus MovieFest, the world's largest student movie festival. The evening will feature the 15 best short movies of 2006 submitted by students at Georgia Tech, Emory, Georgia State, University of Georgia, Spelman, Morehouse, and Clark Atlanta. The night highlights hilarious comedies and powerful dramas, as well as a sneak peek at some short student-created documentaries that could soon air on The History Channel. You can receive half price tickets ($6) by visiting and entering code CMF1. For more information, email, call 678-613-7370, or visit

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

CinemATL presents Industry Event

Come. Mingle. Get drunk. (Okay, maybe not that last part.)

Friday, February 03, 2006

What's this? A non-Sundance related post?

While we were all abuzz about Sundance, a couple of new reviews managed to slip in. Charles Judson took a look at Bubble, while Steve Warren has your reviews of Caché; and The World's Fastest Indian (which opens today at the Landmark Midtown Art Cinema). In next month's issue, we've got a ton of local reviews coming your way, including some of the Sundance (there's that word again) films with southern connections. Plus, of course, our standard heaping spoonfuls of national reviews. Look for it.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

10 Things I Learned at Sundance

1. Late night screenings are for suckers. For two reasons: A) they screw with your sleep schedule if you are planning on attending movies the next day and B) you miss the parties. 2. Early morning screenings are for suckers. If you're partying the night before, that 9:15 AM showing suddenly seems to be extremely early, I don't care what time you're used to getting up in the morning. 3. Sugar is your friend. No matter how much sleep you get, with so much going on, you're bound to be fighting sleep during some screenings. Bring something to munch on that has sugar, not just for the buzz, but to keep you active. Red vines bites seemed to work pretty well. 4. Be adaptive. Each year, we've had to find new ways of getting tickets. When online pre-orders failed, we'd in the past woken up early in the morning to grab the extra daily tickets at the box office. That didn't really work this year, so the wait list line became our friend. Towards the end of the week, the wait lists were too long, the best way to get tickets was begging. 5. If you want to party, go the first weekend. It was like spring break on the first weekend of the festival. Most of the people were there to either party or celebrity sight-see. The place was a zoo. 6. If you want to see movies, go during the week. Tickets seemed to be available everywhere for the Monday-Thursday shows. I ended up seeing about 75% of my films on those days. I got some online before the festival, even though I had a crappy purchase timeslot. I was also actually able to walk into the box office at 10 AM and still buy tickets on Wednesday. 7. Take a day off. If you are going for the full week, take a day or at least half a day to do something besides watch movies. There's plenty to do. Skiing and snowboarding top the list, but we chose to go tubing. It's great fun and a nice way to recharge. 8. Man cannot live on pizza & noodles alone. There's plenty of places to eat on Main Street. You don't have to stick with one place. And if you want cheap, don't forget that there are places off Main Street (hello Burger King!) 9. Swag comes early. If you want free stuff, leave the party early. They tend to run out of swag if you're around till the very end. 10. Double or triple sock it. One pair of socks just won't do it. When you spend hours out in the cold, you'll appreciate the ability to feel your toes. Man, I wish I was still there...