Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A bunch o' free screenings in December

Howdy folks, theres some upcoming film & video events coming up soon that we'd like to make you aware of... so, here I am, making you aware of it. Remember: this "awareness" thing only works if you actually read them. First up, a movie not to be confused with that Johnny Cash biopic:
IMAGE and the MLK National Historic Site DREAM Series present the documentary film Walking The Line Walking the Line offers a harrowing view of the chaos, absurdity, and senseless deaths along the U.S.-Mexico border through private citizens who are taking the law into their own hands. Southern Arizona, a region celebrated for its history of lawlessness, has become the most highly trafficked area for immigrants in the world - and one of the most dangerous. A shift in border policy forces migrants to cross the unforgiving desert where thousands die; those who make it face volatile civilian militias. The film explores the front lines of what many fatigue-wearing, self-styled warriors dub a "border war." A discussion will follow the screening. WHEN: Thursday, December 15, 2005 7:30pm WHERE: MLK, Jr. National Historic Site Screening Room 450 Auburn Avenue, NE Atlanta, Georgia 30312 MARTA: Five Points station TICKETS: Admission is FREE for the general public. FREE parking.
If you've been reading the boards you'll know all about this one, but in case you don't:
The Rough Cut screens next week Biscardi Creative Media is proud to announce that our first short film, The Rough Cut, will screen December 7th, 2005 at the Regal Cinemas Hollywood 24, off I-85 at Shallowford Road. This project is the result of the tireless efforts of an extremely dedicated and professional cast and crew. The Rough Cut is the story of Jennifer Mackey, a happily married mother of two. But lately, those "what if?" questions have begun to gnaw at her. Tonight it's especially bad and after a restless night of trying to sleep she awakes to find her computer turned on. "That's strange," she thinks because it hasn't been on in several days. Walking over to the monitor, nothing can prepare her for what she is about to see. Life is full of choices, what's yours? Cost: Free! RSVP to: Date: Wednesday, December 7th. Location: Regal Cinemas Hollywood 24 (off I-85 at Shallowford Road) Time: 7:15 - 9:30 pm
And here's a screening at Cinefest (cool venue!) that includes an "Atlanta tribute to Elliott Smith" that looks rather interesting:
Rose Parade double screening at Cinefest Rose Parade is a music video tribute to Elliott Smith. The video was shot to accompany the documentary: Rose Parade: An Atlanta Fan Documentary for Elliott Smith. These two films will comprise Atlanta's representation in "Future Butterflies, an international fan documentary currently being made by Elliott Smith lovers from around the world. For more info on Rose Parade, go to In a special double screening event, Cinefest Film Theatre will be showing Rose Parade twice on December 16th. Details follow: ROSE PARADE DOUBLE SCREENING Friday, December 16th – All ages, FREE Admission 6 and 8 PM Cinefest Film Theater @ Georgia State University 66 Courtland St, Suite 211 Atlanta, GA 30303 404-651-2463 Fax: 404-651-0012
And lastly, but certainly not least...uh, ly... here's a cool event focusing on the African American filmmaking community:
THE INDEPENDENT FILMMAKERS PREVIEW SCREENING The African American filmmaking community in Atlanta is growing and expanding and Blue Phoenix Films would like to give those filmmakers an opportunity to showcase their work. On December 5 at 6:30 pm, Blue Phoenix Films would like to invite everyone to come out to the Auburn Research Library and experience, The Fortune Teller, The 31st and its inaugural short film, Choices. Come and be a part of the burgeoning film community in Atlanta and give them your support. Choices "Teresa Avery is faced with a choices that will change her future." Director: Jacquitta McManus genre: Drama The Fortune Teller "A young woman tries to change her future, by remembering her past" Director: Marcellus Thurman genre: Supernatural Thriller The 31st Director: Jay Williams & Dan Pederson genre: Drama There will be a question and answer time for each film immediately following the screening. DATE & TIME: Auburn Avenue Research Library 101 Auburn Ave Ne Atlanta, GA 30303 December 5, 2005 6:30 - 8:30 PM Admission: FREE
Whoa, that's a lot of free screenings! Go out and support local film by attending at least one of these events. And remember, if you have a screening that you want to promote, send us and e-mail at and we'll spread the word and maybe even cover the event for the magazine.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Thompson comes to the Surface

Sorry for the late notice, but in case you didn't know, Atlanta's own Greg Thompson (Ghost of the Needle, 3) will be appearing on "Surface" tonight at 8 p.m. on NBC. Check it out!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

film and art

Local production designer Bill Gould and art director Lisa "Artstar" Yeiser of the artist collective at the B-COMPLEX will hold an evening of art and entertainment this Saturday, November 19th, 2005. The event will showcase a diverse range of artwork as well as fire spinning, fire sculptures, and great entertainment. For more info visit: View the Flyer

Return to Pepperland

You didn't ask for them, but I'm giving them to you anyway. Here's some of my thoughts on Return to Pepperland. As with the Dailies Fight Scene I can't touch on all the films, but here are the ones that I thought deserved some shoutouts. (Thanks to Brent Dey and Mary Kraft. Being the lazy ass I am, I didn't want to retype everything so thanks to the power of ctrl-C and ctrl-V I magically made my life easier and "borrowed" the synopsis they had provided.) Fixing a Hole Written and Produced by Adam Thompson Starring Evan Casey and Christine Vozniak

Wally is having a hard time dealing with his breakup from his long time girlfriend. He can’t concentrate on his manuscript until he devises a way to fill the hole she’s left in his life.

I felt this was the first short to get it. Not that I had anything against the previous Return to Pepperland Dailies While the first shorts definitely had something to say, I just didn’t feel they captured the sly wisdom and simplicity of Lennon and McCartney’s lyrics. The crappy thing about memory is how it can imprint itself on anything and everything. That’s the couch we watched hundreds of movies on, that’s the shirt she bought me, that’s the painting she’d straighten every morning, etc. etc. If a relationship goes long enough, you damn near have to “disinfect” everything in the house to get out the funk of relationship past.

Yet, there was one bit that holds this one back. There’s a moment when Wally goes a little too far. The short light skinned feminist in me felt extremely uncomfortable watching it happen. If it played as a figment of Wally’s imagination I would have been okay with it.

But, in some ways, considering what this short is about, it’s ironic. Because when it comes to guys we can be such sympathetic saps when we’re suffering from PBUS (Post Break Up Stress). Other dudes understand. Women feel our pain. The world is on our side. But, inevitably we always go too far and do something so dumb, so out of bounds that we lose any and all respect our friends and family had for us. So as distasteful as I found that one moment at the end, it has a ring of painful truth to it.

She’s Leaving Home

Written by Mary Kraft, Keith Hooker and Mike Kane Directed by Matt Ruggles Starring Jessyca Holland, Michelle Keller, Josie Burgin Lawson, Emily Kisber A “home” can be the most comforting place on earth, but it can also feel like a prison. Family or friends always have the best intentions, but can’t always give you what you need. Parents and caretakers have to constantly make decisions that they think are right for the people they are caring for. The consequences can sometimes leave doubt and sadness.

Children leave home, that’s inevitable. Half of all indie flicks are about someone who has to leave, who should have left, or is coming back after they did leave. Oprah does entire episodes on it. Even the Bible speaks on it and says there’s a time when we need to get to stepping.

Yet, we never talk about what happens when we’re older. Because, young or old, the reality is on some level we all have to leave home. And even when you’re standing still, there are those times when it feels like home is leaving you.

She’s Leaving Home does enough emotional heavy lifting for two or three films. Slipping in and out of the past, we’re shown how complex and ever evolving the relationship between a mother and daughter can be. In a very short span the title Leaving Home is framed and reframed, showing us exactly how emotionally loaded and multi-faceted that phrase can be.

After you see this one, please call someone you know and tell them how much you love them and tell them how much you care. Within You, Without You

Howdy! Digital Pictures Written, Produced and Directed by Brent Dey Starring Bryan Brownlow. Narration by Evan Casey.

Wendy is a Large Frame Registered Black Angus who lives an idyllic Zen-like existence on a beautiful rolling acreage…until one day, when Farmer Lindsay packs her up and ships her to the meat processing plant. Through the events that follow, Wendy gets a very unique perspective on the cycle of life. In the end, she realizes we’re all one. Life flows on within you and without you.

“Flatulence is created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together.” Brent Dey

Okay, Brent Dey really didn’t say that. But, after you’ve seen this one, tell me he wouldn’t say that sh*t.

Wacky, poignant and making me hungry for a good burger, With You is that witty film that makes me wish I had thought of it first. This is another one that got it. Of course, Dey should get it. Dailies is his baby. Seriously though, if Dey had the connections I could see Ringo starring (would that be a pun? I’m not sure. Holla at me if ya know.) in this one.

There’s not much more I can say about this one except it’s definitely in the top five for the best of the bunch. That and the flying cat bit was just showing off. Stupid genius moment that some other dude thought up and executed brilliantly!

Oh. If you didn’t get that Star Wars reference up above, then F U. (Yeah, I’m still bitter!)

When I’m 64

One More Time Productions Written by Heather Murphy Directed by Jackson Murphy Starring Bob Souvorin An older man sits drinking belly up at a local pub. As he gets up, we see a younger man sitting there beside him drinking the same drink. We follow the older man out of the pub and down the street. Stumbling out of the bar, he sees images of the life he could have led projected onto walls, buildings and streets.

I don’t want to say much about this one, because I’m afraid that I’ll give way the simple, but brilliant conceit that lies at the center of this one. Of course, maybe the central conceit was more obvious that I’ve led myself to believe. Yet, even then, I’m sticking to my initial stance and say that knowing what is or not, this films message still works.

An excellent companion piece to She’s Leaving, seeing life in its entirety isn’t something we often do. It’s easy to live one day at a time. Yet, what if you lived one life at a time? What kind of decisions would you make then?

Lovely Rita

Evil Edison Productions Written, Produced and Directed by Sean Bates Starring Jeff Pack and Angie Fox

We start with Jim, an average guy racing down the sidewalk trying to get to his parked car. As he reaches it he is mortified to find Rita, a meter maid giving him a ticket. He is about to pitch a fit, but suddenly realizes....she is a very lovely meter maid. He’s intrigued, but is it Rita or her uniform he’s the most fascinated with?

Call me Mr. Slap Happy and smack my black ass. Okay, if you’re still with me after that then good. This one has it all kinky meter maids, humans that speak Duck--See Lucas, it isn’t hard to make up a language. Yeah, I’m still bitter! F U-- flashbacks, statues that make the perfect extras and more.

Whenever you see The Beatles in their heyday, they’re always smiling. It’s like they were tapped into some strange cosmic signal that was constantly letting them in on a joke only they were allowed to hear. I believe Sean Bates secretly tapped into whatever wavelength that cosmic signal was on and siphoned some of that strangeness. I loved Lovely Rita. Of course, besides being well written and directed, it helps that Jeff Pack is one funny mofo who looks good in tightie-whities and Angie Fox is not only hot and funny, but she speaks in an accent. Yes, gentleman. She speaks in an accent. And we all know that women who speak in an accent are insanely freaky. Or, at least that’s what I’ve been told. Did I also mention that she’s in a uniform? I thought that might get your attention.

If it wasn’t for A Day in the Life I’d easily say this was the best of the lot.

Good Morning, Good Morning

Fake Wood Wallpaper Written, Produced and Directed by Alex Orr

A family has gathered for the holidays. There’s plenty to talk about, but nothing to say.

Hmmm. I wasn’t too sure about this one. Then I reread the lyrics to Good Morning, Good Morning and I’d have to say this one easily ties A Day in the Life for taking what’s the core of Lennon and McCartney’s lyrics and making some insanely insightful observations.

Does every relationship need to be super deep and meaningful? More specifically, do our family relationships need to be super deep and meaningful?

The family Thanksgiving film/short story/TV episode/Novel always revolves around shocking revelations and long time in coming heart felt reconciliations. Yet, I’ve never attended a Thanksgiving dinner in which my Uncle suddenly revealed he was gay and he was running off to Aruba. Nor did my Aunt and my mom suddenly end some long running feud.

However, I think most families at Thanksgiving time are pretty much the way Alex Orr portrays them. They fill the air with endless conversation and if you’re the poor sap who’s a little too aware, you instantly recognize how empty most of that conversation is. Yet, do you lump these people you love and care for into the useless pile? Hell no. They’re your family. Looney as they maybe, you still love them regardless.

This a film that slyly gives the illusion it has “nothing to say.” But, sometimes you’re so busy looking for meaning or for a purpose you miss what’s right in front of you.

Everywhere I go Fake Wood Wallpaper gets mad love and there’s good reason for that. A Day in the Life

Psycopia Films and Itaki Design Studio Written and Directed by Dan Bush and Michael McReynolds Starring Conal Byrne and Alexis Belcher

A young man is confronting the childhood loss of a father who died in battle. Going through the motions at his soul-crushing job, he is confronted with a cutting irony that contrasts his father’s brave sacrifice with the mundane, meaningless, corporate way in which his own life has been lived. Is this what his father died for?

Damn. A Day in the Life is impressive all the way around. Every element from the editing to the sound to the costuming has been intricately designed to f*ck with your head.

A somber meditation on corporate culture, family and values, A Day instantly reminded me of Gregory Peck’s The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit. And considering the time when Sgt. Pepper was released, that isn’t much of a leap.

After WWII, Britain was hurting. Mines were struggling, factory jobs were never secure, the future was uncertain for everybody. Although the British were still respected for their financial wizardry and they’re place in history, the United States had surpassed them as the new economic and military juggernaut.

The Beatles came from a working class British background and being the socially enlightened lads they were they were definitely aware of what was unfolding around them.

After fighting one of the nastiest wars ever in European history, people were searching for meaning. They needed something they could believe in. Otherwise, wouldn’t the fight for freedom and to protect one’s family and country been hypocritical?

The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit contemplates some of those same questions and ideas. Did Peck’s Tom Rath really fight to simply come home and to go through the motions of playing family? Or, is his family his reason for being? Even if it’s ultimately to give keep his family financially secure and to protect them, how far is he willing to go ethically and morally to succeed in the corporate world?

A Day travels a serpentine path through time and space to delve into these same questions. It’s a reminder that we must be constantly reevaluating what we stand and fight for. Whether it be WWII, Vietnam or Operation Iraqi Freedom, the one constant will be our values. Choose carefully and wisely and they’ll guide us through the roughest of times. Take them for granted and we risk losing our souls and our humanity.

This was easily the best that Return to Pepperland had to offer.

So is Pepperland worth it? Hell yes. Go. Enjoy the films. Feed off the vibe.

There are two more chances to catch this. Tonite Saturday 11/19 and tomorrow Sunday 11/20.

Tickets are $12. Doors open at 7, films roll at 8. For more info go to: PushPush Theater

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Walk the Line with Harry Potter

It's review time again. It's a big weekend, with two potential blockbusters opening... Walk the Line and Harry Potter and we have both reviewed. Check 'em out, as well as a review of Ellie Parker, Naomi Watt's pre-Kong movie. In other news, we're working feverishly here to bring you CinemATL issue #2. Look for the December/January edition to hit your virtual "newstand" December 15.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

More reviews than you can shake a stick at

Our good buddy, Steve Warren, has graced, with not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR new reviews of films now in Atlanta theaters! Check out his reviews of The Squid and the Whale, Derailed, Paradise Now and Forty Shades of Blue. Remember, our site is regularly updated with new reviews, so keep checking back.

Friday, November 11, 2005

The Rough Cut to Screen Dec. 7th

Biscardi Creative Media is proud to announce that their first short film, The Rough Cut, will screen December 7th, 2005 at the Regal Cinemas Hollywood 24, off I-85 at Shallowford Road. The event is being co-sponsored by WH Platts Inc., Panasonic, Canon, AJA Video Systems and Medea Corporation. Immediately following the screening, an HD Product Showcase will be presented featuring all of the equipment used in the making of the film. Included in the presentation will be the Panasonic Varicam, the HVX-200*, Canon Prime Lenses, Final Cut Pro / Kona 2. The Rough Cut is the story of Jennifer Collins, a happily married mother of two. But lately, those "what if?" questions have begun to gnaw at her. Tonight it's especially bad and after a restless night of trying to sleep she awakes to find her computer turned on. "That's strange," she thinks because it hasn't been on in several days. Walking over to the monitor, nothing can prepare her for what she is about to see. "Life is full of choices, what's yours?" You can read the full story description at: Seating is limited and is available on a first come, first serve basis. Please RSVP for seating. RSVP to: Date: Wednesday, December 7th. Location: Regal Cinemas Hollywood 24 (off I-85 at Shallowford Road) Time: 7:15 - 9:30 pm. Doors open at 7:15. Event starts at 7:50 pm with an introduction to the film and our cast and crew. HD Product Showcase begins at 8:30 pm. Event ends at 9:30 pm. Take I-85 to the Shallowford Road Exit. Go North on the Access Road for approx. 1/2 mile. Regal Cinemas Hollywood 24 will be on your right.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Don't miss out on the events below! Date: November 18-20 Description - These events will be an unprecedented opportunity for the residents of and visitors to Atlanta to sample the diverse array of arts, film, culture and opportunities in the metro Atlanta area. Friday November 18, 2005 - IBFA Presents 'Generation Next' Location: Spelman University - Cosby Center Time: 6pm - 10pm Host: Georgia Film, Video & Music Office - Greg Torre ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ PANEL 1: Almost Famous Guests: Tracey Baker-Simmons - B2 Entertainment "Being Bobby Brown" Deidre Thomas - Back Against The Wall Productions Shandra McDonald - Kiss The Limit Productions Erik Eddings & Duane Boyd - Mandara Pictures Sylvia Jackson - Film Captive Productions Jovar Andrews - Sky High Entertainment Moderator: Carleen Brown - ATL Insider ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ PANEL 2: Industry Connect Guests: Rob Hardy & Will Packer - Rainforest Films Boris Kodjoe - Actor (The Gospel & Soul Food) & Special Guests Moderator: Karyn Greer - 11 Alive News Anchor Sunday November 20, 2005 Double Feature - Family Day @ the Movies Location: Cinefe Theatre, Lithonia, Georgia Time: 4pm - 7pm 1st Screening: Living With Faith - Deidre Thomas - Faith Works Films Two things have always been consistent in fifteen year Faith Burns' life: love for writing poetry and her love for her mother. But when Faith's mother falls prey to drugs, her life is turned upside down. TRT: 85 minutes 2nd Screening: In Time - Maurice Dwyer & Adetoro Makinde - Backdoor Films As a Nigerian-American, Bisi has lived her life balancing between the freedom of an American lifestyle and the beliefs of her Yoruba ancestors. On the eve of her wedding, tradition takes over but could cost her the man she loves.TRT: 19 minutes 3rd Screening: The March to Psychological & Economic Freedom - MATAH Through candid conversations with the world's foremost Black scholars, economists, educators and other leaders, receive liberating information involving solutions to the multiple problems facing the African American community featuring Dr. Edward Robinson, Jr. TRT: 60 minutes

Friday, November 04, 2005

New reviews on cinemATL

We just added two new reviews to the cinemATL website. Get the lowdown on Jarhead and Nine Lives, reviewed by Steve Warren. Our reviews section is updated weekly, so remember to check back to see our take on the latest releases.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Don't Miss the 18th Annual Out on Film Festival Nov. 11-17

THE 18th ANNUAL OUT ON FILM ON NOVEMBER 11-17, 2005 The South’s Premier Gay & Lesbian Film Festival will present the Ultimate Independent Cinematic Experience with more than 50 films set to screen during the 18th Annual Out On Film Festival. The 18th Annual Out On Film will feature a more diverse selection of films, with an African-American short film series and international releases from India, Israel, United Kingdom, Argentina and Germany. Attendees will have the luxury of ordering beer and wine at the Midtown Art Cinema’s newly installed bar. Tickets can be purchased online through or by calling 1.877.725.8849 Tickets will also be sold at the Landmark Midtown Art Cinema box office the day the film is scheduled to screen. Out On Film kicks off on Friday, November 11 with an Opening Night screening of the film, TransAmerica, which took the coveted Audience Award at this year’s San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival. The Opening Night screening will be followed by a Q&A with director Duncan Tucker. The Opening Night gala will be held at Red Chair Restaurant & Video Lounge (550-C Amsterdam Avenue NE) starting at 10:00 p.m. – the first of four film festival parties to be held at venues throughout metro Atlanta. Out On Film will host an African-American after-screening party sponsored by In the Life Atlanta, organizers of the Black Gay Pride Parade, on Monday, November 14 from 10 p.m. until 2 a.m. Out On Film will also host Centerpiece and Closing Night parties (venues to be announced). Beginning Saturday, November 12, at least four films will screen each day, covering a wide range of styles, subjects and perspectives including animation, narrative, documentary and short films of the highest artistic quality. A complete listing of all films, venues and showtimes can be found at the Out On Film website, On Thursday, November 17th, Out On Film winds down with the Closing Film, Adam & Steve, the directorial debut by gay Hollywood actor Craig Chester. Individual Tickets: $7.00 IMAGE members $8.00 general public Opening & Closing Galas: $15.00 IMAGE members $20.00 general public Five-Pack Passes: $30.00 IMAGE members $35.00 general public Visit or call IMAGE Film & Video Center at 404.352.4225 for additional ticketing, schedule and panel information.